Bjørn Arve Ofstad, Managing Director, Business Area Ploughing Equipment & Crop Care

Søren is among the few people who have the capability, credibility, and belief to be a straight forward “no bullshit” advisor/coach. That kind of capability results in clients starts stating that NDUNA is “most likely the best brand in the world.”

Straight Forward Messages

If you like to be challenged in the perspective of improving yourself and the team you are heading, please have a chat with Søren. Please be prepared for straight forward messages.

Kverneland Group

Peter Burkal, Managing Director, OSM Crew Management

During my time with TORM, I worked closely with Søren Leth-Nissen. We worked together on a personal level as well as on a team level leading to great results.

Dare to Challenge

Søren is a great motivator, facilitator and coach. He understands different cultures and different mindsets making him dare to ask challenging questions that lead to a real transformation of the team.

Be Willing To Learn

I’ve learned that real progress happens when we are challenged and get out of our comfort zone. If you meet Søren with an open mind and are willing to learn, you will achieve remarkable performance improvements for your team and for the team members.

Understands Different Mindsets

A great guy with a great personality. That’s how I describe him. I enjoy working with Søren and I learn a lot from him.

OSM Crew Management

Ulla Sparre, CEO, Vitus Bering Innovation Park

I can recommend Søren as an inspiring coach and a creative process consultant who brings energy and thoughtful reflection into the room he enters.

Leadership Skills

His uniqueness is the combination of focused management skills and “right to the heart” leadership skills.

Vitus Bering Innovation Park

Mads Steenstrup Hannibal, Senior Advisor, Digital Transformation, Data & AI Strategy

Keep it up, Søren!

You are making a considerable effort to make people realize own potential. Other coaches often pour in leading questions, but you ask some smashing questions that lead to new motivational insights

It’s not about filling a pail. It’s about lighting a fire.




Allan H. Rasmussen, Vice President, Energy Efficiency & Innovation

I have seen my share of consultants trying to assess leadership potentials, assist in building effective teams, facilitating workshops, and coaching for better performance.

Improved Performance

The Team Coach who stands out from the crowd is Søren Leth-Nissen. When developing a team Søren performs at a level beyond comparison. The result is dramatic performance improvements in global teams.

Real Eye-openers

My Indian colleagues appreciate his professionalism and dedication because, during team sessions, Søren provides some real eye-openers.

Hire Him

I recommend Søren as a coach, a facilitator and as a team builder. I urge you to hurry up and hire him before someone else does.

Magne Svendsen, Executive Vice President Kverneland Group After Sales

My professional working relationship with Søren Leth-Nissen starts in 2008. Since that time, we have worked with a number of change management projects together. 

Further, Søren works as a personal sparring partner to me. Søren is a driver in making the change management programs for my teams successful.

Good Results

I give Søren/NDUNA my best recommendations.

Karen Wix, Senior Commercial Excellence Manager

I have worked with Søren in a sales culture transformation program in Haldor Topsoe.

Sales Leaders

Søren coached a handful of sales leaders in how to change their behavior to achieve more and better results.

Significant Performance Output

The performance improvement output was excellent. Søren’s communication style is personal and sincere which helped us progress.


I can highly recommend Søren as a skilled Business Coach helping Sales Managers become more successful.

Martin Andreas Lundsteen, Managing Director

xSuite Nordics is on a journey to become Trusted Advisors adding more value to our customers. Several years ago, we invited NDUNA to join us as a Coach, a Teambuilder and as a Trusted Advisor. 

Steep Learning Curve
Søren trains our employees and management team, and he enlightens our minds: We improve our collaboration, communication, and listening skills. When you work with NDUNA you’ll find yourself on a steep learning curve. Our employees love it, I love it and our customers benefits from it all. It’s a win-win. 



Claus Jensen,
Executive Vice President, TORM

(Translated from Danish)
TORM Technical Division and NDUNA started a journey to improve the collaboration with our Commercial Division. The program has so far resulted in extra million USD profits.

We Got Our Money Back

Looking at our investment in engaging NDUNA to help us, we can see that we got our money back by a factor of five to ten.


Jeevan Gadre,
Fleet Manager, TORM

NDUNA has been the catalyst for change and has helped speed up the change.

Staff Got Confidence

NDUNA has helped our staff to get confidence in that TORM Leadership Philosophy is not something to be posted on the wall but something that should be practiced and preached.


Kenth Hvid Nielsen, Global Program Director, Grundfos Management

Since 2003, Søren has worked for Grundfos on various levels alongside with my career progression. I have hired Søren to help me with  a wide range of projects, programs centered around the discipline of team performance improvement.

Change Management

Søren is an inspiring facilitator and driver of performance improvement processes.

Holistic View

Søren has a holistic view and delivers really well within bigger change management projects. He has a profound understanding of our business which adds to his credibility within Grundfos. 

Personal Coach

Søren is my personal coach. That engagement has also been very beneficial for my own development as well as for Grundfos as an organization.


John K. Grevsen, Director, Vestas Technology R&D R&D

NDUNA played a very vital and active role in transforming Vestas Nacelle & Hub R&D from a medium-sized local department into a very large global department (125+ personnel with 60% outside DK).

New Management Team

For two years, we worked closely together integrating a new global management team. 

Value-based Leadership

NDUNA facilitated a range of multidisciplinary workshops emphasizing value-based leadership. Also, NDUNA coached key personnel.

Trust, Openness, and Honesty

I am very pleased working with NDUNA. Over the years, we developed a great working relationship based on trust, openness, and honesty. As our relationship grew stronger, I engaged NDUNA for more complex facilitation roles. Hence, NDUNA planned and led a global multicultural and interdisciplinary team building event. 

Organizational Development, Coaching, and Globalization

I recommend NDUNA to clients in need for assistance in the areas of organizational development, coaching, and globalization.