Client statements attesting NDUNA’s superior performance, quality and results. Learn how NDUNA helped clients get to the next level of leadership and how NDUNA helped develop their teams.

Throughout my leadership career, I’ve met my share of consultants, coaches, HR-people, etc. One of these Executive Coaches and Management Consultants stands out from the crowd, elevating himself to a level beyond comparison. His name is Søren Leth-Nissen.

Søren’s inter-cultural abilities and understanding of the human mind (and motives) have vastly improved our teams’ performance.

I know from my Indian colleagues that his professionalism and dedication are appreciated.

He has provided some real eye-openers throughout his “mission” in the company.

I can recommend Søren, and I will urge you to hurry up and hire him before someone else does. He delivers like no one else – and you can see and feel the change instantly as well as on the long haul!

Allan H. Rasmussen

Vice President, Energy Efficiency & Innovation, TORM A/S

Søren is a very dedicated and patient professional. As my personal coach, Søren has been challenged by me more than once but has shown great stamina at all times. Søren has also proven himself as a valued sparring partner for my development, personally as well as a leader. He really is an executive advisor to the chief.

Morten Nielsen FAB

Chief Inspector, Railroad Accidents, Accident Investigation Board / Havarikommissionen

I have known Søren for more than eight years.

During several Executive Team meetings, Søren worked a couple of years as an inspiring executive coach and facilitator.

Søren’s deep insight into critical business aspects combined with efficient coaching tools helped Søren to ‘hit the spot,’ identifying new opportunities for our team to grow our leadership. His profound understanding of human behavior makes his advice in change management projects highly valuable.

I give Søren my highest recommendations.

Please give me a call if you need further references on Søren Leth-Nissen, the NDUNA.

Bo Mortensen

Customer Relation & Supply Chain Director , Grundfos Manufacturing Hungary

I can recommend Søren as an inspiring coach and a creative process consultant – who brings energy but also thoughtful reflection into the room he enters.

Søren´s uniqueness is the combination of focused management skills and “right to the heart” leadership skills.

Ulla Sparre

CEO, Vitus Bering Innovation Park

I have worked closely with Søren Leth-Nissen – both on a personal level and on a team level. Søren is a great motivator, facilitator, and coach who dares to challenge the individual and the group in a productive way.

In our case, Søren helped our team to remarkable improvements. Søren is a great guy with a great personality who understands different cultures and different mindsets.

I enjoyed working with Søren and learned a lot from him.

Peter Burkal

Head of Global, Marine HR Operations, TORM A/S

Søren was recommended to me by a previous colleague when I started in SimCorp in my first genuine management position.

Having a lot of ideas and plans, but not really knowing what I didn’t know, Søren facilitated a process and coached me for a period of three-four months.
During that period I experienced Søren as an energized, enthusiastic, and committed coach, with a “no bullshit” attitude. He really helped me getting me a splendid start in my new position, and gave me tools and insight which I use in my daily life – both professionally and personally.

I can only warmly recommend Søren.

Lars Peter Heesch Hansen

Consulting Manager, Denmark, SimCorp A/S

I worked with Søren in preparation for an overseas posting in India in late 2013 and during the initial months of 2014. Luckily, Søren had worked as an Executive Coach and Management Consultant for TORM, and he provided me with loads of useful insights that proved very helpful. 

Søren gave me much good advice and feedback in a no-nonsense yet positive and constructive way. Søren speaks his mind and stays in the role as a Supporter and Challenger to you. Very useful indeed.

Erik Graumann

Head of Torm India, TORM A/S

It’s amazing when you come across someone in life who has an inner core of genuine interest and caring for people. Soren is a true leader and visionary which reflects in all his relationships creating success and enthusiasm in the environments he touches.

Jean Buda

Owner, Putty Cove Inc.

During my employment at Kverneland Group as Director of Sales & Marketing After Sales & Service, I worked closely with Søren, who was my coach for one year. Also, he was mentoring the After Sales Management Team regularly. On top, he supported the Sales & Marketing After Sales Team occasionally.

He was also participating in hiring processes for the After Sales teams.

Søren is very open-minded and supportive of new ideas but will challenge your plans and your “must-win battles” to secure the final decisions’ highest quality.

A strong commitment and ability to read and predict human behaviors have been favorable for my teams’ leadership and my collaboration with colleagues.

Søren is carrying a “second to none” toolbox, and he is added value to any organization changes.

I will continuously work with Søren when needed and recommend all to do the same.

Knud Rughave

Director of Sales, Kverneland Group, After Sales & Service

For several years, Søren has worked as a professional sparring partner for me. Also, Søren has been a catalyst for developing my Management Team in the Business Areas of After Sales & Service.

Continuously, he is an interim member of my Management Team. In that functional and psychological role, Søren interacts as a “Challenger,” pushing the team to stay focused and deliver on our business goals.

Magne Svendsen

Executive Vice President, Business Area After Sales & Service, Kverneland Group

Soren, I really miss those gripping sessions, and I’m surprised to see how one needs them every once in a while to keep from stagnating.

I miss you man… you are the antidote to mediocrity in the workplace. 

Thanks for the good times.

Neville Kootar

Sr. Engine Performance Manager, TORM A/S

I hereby give my recommendations to one of Denmark’s best PR and communication experts!

Having known Søren for about 10 years I can easily say, that he is capable of achieving a perfect outcome for any client or any company. Give him a challenge, give him an opportunity … and he will succeed. And as a person, Søren is the most creative, energetic, inspiring, and humorous colleague you could ever ask for.

Vita Clausen

Head of Corporate Communications , Nike, Northern Europe & Central Europe

Søren Leth-Nissen helped TORM with its re-organization as an Executive Coach and as a Management Consultant. 

Søren has an excellent ability to understand critical issues at hand, and he delivers constructive feedback both at the team level and during one-to-one talks.  

Based on the above, I can highly recommend Mr. Søren Leth-Nissen and NDUNA.

Henrik Marloth

Fleet Manager, TORM A/S

I want to recommend Søren Leth-Nissen as a Business Consultant able to facilitate creative processes properly and inspiringly.

I have worked with Søren several times during many years with business strategy and branding processes and consolidating/implementing ideas – all with great results. Søren is able to contribute to a constructive and high value creative process – as consultant, facilitator, or speaker.

Kristine Riskær

Director of Trademarks and Design, Danish Patent & Trademark Office

I have known Søren for many years and have on several occasions had the pleasure of his skills. Søren has the ability to analyze and communicate business and organizational matters, and have on many occasions been an appreciated consultant.

I can only but strongly endorse Søren to others.

Michael Hejlskov Jacobsen

OSS Manager, MVB

Søren managed to bring new life to the module “role of the Danida adviser.”

His intervention was thought provocative, entertaining, and at the same time to the point. His way of teaching using various multi-media clips was a refreshing new way of handling a large and broad theme, which could otherwise be difficult to address in the limited time available to him.

Although it had been quite a while since he himself had been an adviser in Africa, he was fully able to coach senior Danida advisers on their ambiguous roles at their pre-departure course using his insight on working relationships and personalities.

Andreas Brogaard Buhl

Chief Consultant, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Danida

From the beginning of his assignment with ALCOM, Soeren has worked independently and directed his initiative towards teambuilding among his Zambian and international colleagues. 

His excellent interpersonal skills, enthusiasm and drive to succeed have been the keys to getting ALCOM pilot activities in Eastern, Central, and Luapula Provinces where they are today. At the same time, he has gradually adapted his enthusiasm to working with a large organization such as FAO

He is highly respected by his colleagues in Zambia and in ALCOM. He has taken the lead in staff development among his counterparts in Zambia as well as organizing a successful staff seminar at ALCOM. April 18., 1994.

Boyd A. Haight

Programme Manager a.i., FAO, ALCOM_GCP/INT/555/SWE

As a coach, Søren was the inspiration that turned my focus in a new direction towards basic human principles and core values.

I would highly recommend him to any company or individual who dares take up the challenges he provokes.

Nikolaj Maj Bentsen

Managing Director , CBD Ho Chi Minh City

During an initial face-2-face meeting with Søren Leth-Nissen, I realized that Søren knows what he is talking about and that his many years of experience could be a critical success factor for my team and myself. Hence, I contracted Søren to help me facilitate a team building session for my department. 

Søren helped us turn an already planned 1-day team development session into a focused team-building exercise of higher value. The Team Development session brought us a big step forward.  

I know that all participants went home energized and with a useful toolbox that we could apply instantly. 

A quick estimate tells me that the 1-day session with Søren had a value of approximately 500 % Return on Investment (ROI) for my department.

I would recommend Søren anytime as a senior/executive level coach and facilitator.

You can’t afford to say no.

Ole Jeppesen

Software Research & Technology Department Manager, Grundfos Management A/S

Søren is the rare type of professional Leadership Coach that listens to both the individual and the unspoken aspirations while always provoking a smile. He is exceptionally well-versed in helping people identify their strengths and weaknesses and help amplify individual strengths. 

I would recommend Søren to anyone looking to remove their human roadblocks and start reaching for the sky again.

Nadia N. Niazy

Project Manager - Energy Efficiency, Innovation & HSSE, TORM A/S

During my consulting assignments across the globe, I have had the opportunity to meet various executives and executive advisors.

Soren stays in my memory forever.

Soren has tremendous social skills, and he is exceptionally knowledgeable on a variety of social media issues.

Keep up the excellent work, my friend!

Lars Hilse

Web Strategist, Public Speaker, Social Networker, Entrepreneur, Web Strategy & E-Business Development Consultant

I met Søren while he was the CEO at SLA A/S while the company went through a line of bigger changes in management, employees, and capacity. Søren managed the difficult task of working directly both with company management and company employees at the same time.

I always felt that Søren was a great listener, and despite his top position, he always found time and understanding to help employees with problems, project questions, and good ideas.

Søren was a great inspiration source in the company and, through his professionalism and pleasant personality, a great inspiration to me.

Dorota Beres

Landscape Architect, SLA Landscape Architects

I had the pleasure of taking part in a series of team-building and training sessions run by Søren.

Since then, many years have passed, and many seminars and training sessions with other consultants have gone by too.

However, the primary vital messages from Søren got stuck in my mind – messages that propelled me and my work fast forward during the last years.

During challenging times, I’ve used what I learned from Søren.

Søren’s ability to work with big international teams efficiently and extremely result-oriented is impressive. The result is a better team performance. Several eye-openers are guaranteed.

I can highly recommend Søren as a person and as a Consultant, inspiring your work life as well as your private life.

Josef Kaeppler

R&D Manager, Kverneland Group, Grass & Forage

Soren’s coaching and support have taught me a great deal. How to behave in mission-critical situations and still make a positive impact to secure the best possible outcome for the organization?

Soren was a partner to spar with when I felt stuck, and helped me organize my thoughts, transformed them into constructive actions.

Besides that, Soren immediately made me feel uncomfortable – in a constructive way. He saw very quickly who I was and how to connect with me.

Encouraged to dig deeper into my professional behaviors he helped me become a better professional and a better person.

I’m proud to say that Soren and I have built a professional relationship characterized by mutual trust and respect.

The impact of the coaching sessions is significant.

Sandra Ijssel

Sales Associate, Benelux, Trackunit A/S

Søren Leth-Nissen, NDUNA, and I worked closely together for two years. Søren helped me integrate a new global Management Team and onboard several new team colleagues.

Søren’s primary role was to facilitate various workshops emphasizing value-based leadership and individual coaching of key personnel.

NDUNA was also a facilitator at a global department meeting with the topic of culture and its opportunities. 

I have been delighted with NDUNA’s work – we found a working relationship based on trust, openness, and honesty while adding the required level of new paths.

I recommend NDUNA to any future clients within organizational development, coaching, and globalization.

John Grevsen

Director of Nacelle & Hub, Vestas Technology R&D

Søren is a great motivator and sales empowerment resource.

We worked with Soren to energize our sales team and to help them become proactive and persistent in their approach to working with both existing customers and with new sales opportunities.

As a result, we improved customer retention rates significantly while expanding our pipeline and increasing revenue from new sales.

Most importantly, the work we did with Soren transformed our management approach to giving individual sales reps more responsibility, letting them work autonomously, and creating an environment where the individual has the opportunity to develop and feel purpose.

In short us, Soren taught us how to motivate people to perform better without outdated management tools such as “sticks and carrots!”   

Thomas Bülow

Sales Director, PFA

A 45 min session with Søren left me revitalized, clear, and confident about my strengths, immediate, and actionable next steps/wins that could position me more focused on future professional relationships.

Søren has the ability to be extremely clear in how he sees the person in front of him, and to give advice that gives true “food for thought”, and leaves you with a wider sense of what you might be able to accomplish and where you should spend your time!

Henrik Stavnsgaard

Commercial Director, Nordics, Reputation Institute

From our encounters, I know Søren Leth-Nissen as an enthusiastic and interesting discussion partner with a broad knowledge base.

When it comes to personal coaching he has a keen eye for deep-rooted problems and the ability to analyze how they underlie unwanted patterns of behavior and thinking.

In coaching, he is tenacious and does not shy away from provocation in order to confront a person with his or her not-so-pretty sides. He is very honest and authentic in all his dealings.

Lone frank

Science Journalist, Author, Communication Specialist, Weekendavisen

Søren has for several years been a major contributor to building our WMD Scandinavia brand.

He is helping WMD Scandinavia on our journey to become trusted advisors to our customers.

Enlightening the mind of each employee, improving how we communicate, expanding our listening skills, and reflecting on our business skills has put us on a steep positive learning curve.

Working on developing a SUPERTEAM must be a win-win for all stakeholders. It takes time, but it is worth it.

Martin Andreas Lundsteen

Managing Director, xFlow Nordics Aps, former known as WMD Scandinavia

I can highly recommend Søren and PowerNetworkers.

When I started looking for the next challenge I met with Søren. He helped me to sharpen my focus on the way forward – and just as important: what not to pursue any further.

Søren invited me to a meeting in PowerNetworkers and participating in this provided me both with tips & tricks in my way forward, but I also got new contacts that proved valuable in getting my next work challenge.

PowerNetworkers is one of the best and most focused networking arrangements I have participated in.

Working with Søren and PowerNetworkers has been a pleasure and I recommend leaders looking for new challenges to get involved.

Joachim Steenstrup

Chief Communication Consultant, Danske Bank Corporate Communication

Soren is the most inspiring mentor I met in relation to personal and professional development. He is also extremely proficient in making others conscious about their own potential, as well as he is a very charming person. By surprise, I regularly have feedbacks or inspiration on my mind, which is very comfortable and developing.

I highly recommend him as a mentor or coach for professional development activities.

Anita Woll

Doctoral degree in Informatics, Advisor ICT / Senior Specialist, Ramboll



Translation of the above statement by Claus Usen Jensen, Senior Vice President, TORM A/S:

“The journey NDUNA and TORM Technical Division has embarked upon focusing on improving our stakeholder management and collaboration with our Commercial Division can be measured on our bottom line as an extra million US dollar profit.”


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