What is Disc and what is Crystal?

Crystal is a professional software and services company focused on bringing the DISC Framework into the workplace to improve communication and working relationships. DISC is a well-established and trusted behavioral framework used by today’s leading organizations, including most of the Fortune 500. Almost 90% of the Fortune 500 have employees leveraging the Crystal Platform.

DISC is a well-established and trusted behavioral framework that organizations use to communicate effectively, build high-performing teams, effectively train, develop, and retain top talent.

Using Personality AI to Improve Your Relationships

The Personality Map is so powerful because it can quickly help us visualize the relationship between two people and where conflict might arise. By Drew D’Agostino.

Relationships are Dynamic
In many ways, the quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life. For those of us who work in roles where we collaborate, communicate, and engage with other people, our relationships often drive (or hinder) our long-term career success.

In any role, each person you interact with has a unique blend of personality traits, values, desires, and life experiences.

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