You are currently reading the GDPR Cookie- and Privacy Policy for NDUNA.

In our Cookie and Privacy policy, you will find information about what data NDUNA collects from you when we communicate and (hopefully) do business together.

In the Cookie and Privacy Policy regulated by the European Union we explain how we use the data we collect from our interaction with you. The policy also covers your use of NDUNA.DK. Further, we explain what you can do to correct, delete or update the information we have about you. NDUNA will process your data by following the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Marketing Act, and the current laws in Denmark.

This document is continuously updated and expanded as and when needed. It was last updated on August 16, 2020.

Søren Leth-Nissen, Founder & Owner

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Purpose of data collection

NDUNA is a management consulting business. Hence, collecting, storing and using relevant information about our clients is vital for a successful daily operation of our services

NDUNA uses several cloud-based services to do business and interact with our clients and other stakeholders of our company

We interact with clients and interested parties via personal meetings, emails, text messages, and cloud-based platforms services such as,,,, Google GSuite,,,, and

NDUNA also use other cloud-based platforms such as accounting platform, and the leadership assessment portal, HALO (Hogan Assessment Systems).

Sources of data

NDUNA collects, stores, and uses common (non-sensitive) personal data (Name, Email Address, Location, Phone, LinkedIn Profile) regarding everyday operational activities. These activities include marketing and sales activities to persons who have expressed interest in NDUNA through network meetings, LinkedIn activities, and who have agreed that NDUNA can reach out to them.

Besides, NDUNA uses personal data for communication with former and active customers as well as interested persons who have earlier been in contact with NDUNA.

We only store personal data we need – for example, to contact you, send you a book, make a new LinkedIn profile for you, send mail to you.

Data processing activities log

In accordance with the GDPR, NDUNA does not keep a log of data processing activities as we are fewer than 250 employees and since our use of personal data is occasional.

keeping your data

We do not save data longer than necessary. Some data, however, we have to keep for up to five years – for example, the information about invoices sent to you.


NDUNA uses features that use cookies to collect anonymous information about the use of our site.

We store cookies on your computer, mobile or the like. Our statistics program count whether visitors are first-time visitors or returning guests. Cookies cannot contain malicious code. For example, viruses. Cookies delete themselves after a certain number of months (it varies by type) but will be renewed during each visit.

You can both block cookies and delete them. Please refer to your specific browser to learn how to do that.

Sharing of your personal data

Since NDUNA is a cloud-based operation, we share data with our suppliers such as,,, Google G Suite,,,, and

NDUNA uses other cloud-based platforms such as accounting platform, Leadership Assessment Portal HALO (Hogan Assessment Systems).

When browsing our website, we collect anonymous data about how you use our site. To analyze the data, we share data with Google Analytics and JetPack.

data deletion

If you want your data deleted, please contact NDUNA at soren @, and we will delete it in accordance with the GDPR, and Danish Law as soon as possible.

When browsing our website, we collect anonymous data about how you use our site. To analyze the data, we share data with Google Analytics and JetPack.