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“For the last 16 years, I have worked as an Executive Advisor and Executive Coach. I help managers and leaders from the private sector delivering High Performance. Also, I help talents looking for a job and companies wanting to attract and recruit the best employees.


In most cases, we start your leadership journey with a MentalGuard Executive Coaching program. The program leads us to some of the core issues that hold you back in your career development. Quite often we find that it is one or more Limiting Beliefs that hold you back. My job is to help you see those beliefs and help you get rid of them. There are many ways to do this. Reframing is just one of them. By working with me as your Executive Advisor, you will begin a personal leadership development journey designed especially for your leadership development needs. During the MentalGuard Executive Coaching process, your job is to bring Openness, Preparedness, Reliability, Honesty, and Willingness to the coaching table. See this video to get an impression of my coaching style. It’s not for everyone, I guess that same can be said about you. You’re not for everyone, are you?


When we have worked with removing your Limiting Beliefs, old dreams or visions shows up. When this happens it’s time to set some objectives that we brake down into achievable goals. We set timelines and deadlines and soon we have a plan, consisting of motivating activities that gives you more energy. In that way, we create your new high-performance ability delivering on both your goals as well as the company’s goals. This high performance never goes unnoticed by superiors, colleagues or employees.


A promotion comes after 12 months and this is where we start working with the manager’s team… and so it goes on and on and on.  It’s really great to work like this helping managers and leaders do the right things the right way.


I am the Founder and Owner of the consultancy company NDUNA – Executive Advisor to the Chief. Serving as a Trusted / Executive Advisor for over 16 years, my experience provides me with a unique ability to partner with value-based leaders in co-creating paths and strategies charted for success.

Recently, we started recruiting, They say we’re good at it. We tend to agree with them.