About Trackunit

Trackunit is partnering with companies to identify and fulfill their digital strategy by applying the art technology stack’s co-creation and state. Trackunit’s IoT services collect and analyze data in real-time to deliver actionable, proactive, and predictive information, empowering customers with data-driven fleet management solutions.

Trackunit promises to eliminate downtime by 2025. This mission’s ambition is not only to recover from budget and schedule overruns but also to re-establish the reputation of the industry for innovation and leadership.

From operator safety and machine health to business optimization, Trackunit’s industry-leading telematics software, hardware and services benefit the everyday operations of construction industry customers worldwide from OEM to operator. Trackunit services its customers directly from its headquarters in Denmark and Chicago, IL, and through subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, France, Holland, Germany, and England. Visit Trackunit.com for more information.