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Sometimes we do not realize that we are the ones triggering bad boss behavior. The bull in the video is triggered if people start running. If they stop and hide, the bull will not attack.

Maybe it’s a bit like that with our bosses? When I went to school we sometimes triggered the teacher by doing something that he or she did not like and she repeatedly had told us was bad behavior. But we did it anyway. Just to tease her and get some drama into the classroom. Time and again, she would burst into tears or call the dean to get some help to stop our bad behavior. 

Most of the times, we were the culprits. The teacher tried to do her job as well as possible. But I guess that wasn’t good enough. Otherwise, would we have teased her?

When you complain about your bad boss, don’t forget that you’re part of the problem as well. Yes, he or she needs to stop her bad leadership behaviors. She must stop yelling and scold you in public. She must be specific when she criticizes you and we all know she needs to become a better listener. However, you must realize that it is not all of your colleagues who think she is as bad as you think. So ask yourself this question: What it is she is doing it saying that makes you tick? You might be like the bull that automatically charges anything that moves in the ring. If people stop moving, the bull stops charging. Just give it a thought.