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Cheaper, Better, and More Transparent Recruiting

When one of our clients asked us to start sourcing top talents to their fast growing business, we didn’t want to repeat all the mistakes made by other recruiters. So we made a hack. A hack is a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and activities in a more efficient way, derived from solving a computer hardware or program limitation. So we made a simple, transparent, more effective, and cheaper alternative to normal sourcing and recruiting.


Charge Forward

High-Performance Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

At NDUNA, our high-performance team development program is named SUPERTEAM. The program is designed together with you and your team. A SUPERTEAM program is packed with tons of new insights for the individual and for the team. It takes an openminded and strong leadership personality to engage in this process because all data will be analyzed, shared and acted upon. A SUPERTEAM is a 360-encompassing, comprehensive, and powerful high-performance team building tool.
But how do we define a high-performing SUPERTEAM? Well, it’s a team that:

  • shares a common vision
  • feel empowered
  • communicates openly
  • is flexible
  • knows how to adapt
  • works in harmony
  • allows individual contribution
  • is consisting of enthusiastic members
  • is confident and committed

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What We Can Do For You

Nearly 70% of business leaders agree that culture provides the greatest single source of competitiveness (Bain, 2006). Organizational culture is a product of what the members over time have been led to believe is the formula for success in the organization. A winning culture is a collective emotionally charged psychological reality that only in-crowds can experience.
I know. You’ve been assessed before. But not by us. We focus on helping you build your career using data. A Hogan Leadership Forecast Assessment will predict your future success or the lack thereof. With a Hogan Leadership Forecast Assessment in your hand, you can make a detailed plan for how to develop yourself and your career faster. A better compensation package normally follows after some time.



NDUNA is a strong believer in Unschooling and Hackschooling. Unschooling is an educational method and philosophy that advocates learner-chosen activities as a primary means for learning, writes Wikipedia. Hackschooling is education, like everything else. Hackschooling goes outside the educational establishment to find better ways to accomplish the same goals. Being open to use a legal hack to find better ways to accomplish the same learning goals for busy managers and leaders is what NDUNA does when we design our Nano-MBA.
Since 2013, NDUNA has offered a Nano-MBA to ambitious leaders who want MBA-like training directed at their daily operations.

NDUNA Nano-MBA is a tested and well-proven hack schooling concept. Hackschooling means that your training is specially designed to your needs to give your personal leadership a solid boost.

Make Your Own Opportunities

I am the Founder and Owner of executive consultancy company NDUNA – Executive Advisor to the Chief. Serving as a Professional / Executive Advisor for over 15 years, my experience in assessing individual and team potential provides me with a unique ability to partner with value-based leaders in co-creating paths and strategies charted for success.