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During my sixteen years working as an independent consultant, I have helped many teams to get things done. Faster and more effective. 

I have often failed.

I think that one of the reasons is that their boss says yes to far too many extra projects. Result is the team is left with no chance of implementing the projects within the given timeframe and allocated resources. 

Think like a kid
So what’s the solution? Well, it’s probably too far out to change the behavior of your boss. An alternative way is to start working smarter. Like you were a kid, remember? You had no resources available except for your imagination, your blind faith in that things will work out, and a lot of good energy. As a kid, you probably made (sand)castles, fantastic drawings, dramatic war games, etc.

Don’t overthink – just do it
Going back into a playful mode like you were a kid might have the potential to get things done smarter as a grown up. Just take a look at the video with the young cameraman on rollerskates. The film crew makes great sequences on a low budget movie. They use their imagination, their rollerskates, their courage and blind faith saying this will work. The team works together on an almost non-existing budget. When planning the shot, they probably entered a mental state of play mode. They activated some of their childhoods basic skills like rollerskating and a vivid imagination. The team doesn’t overthink things. They just do it. 

A funnier and cheaper process
If you allow yourself to enter a play mode, you might end up with some great useful ideas. These ideas might use fewer resources to deliver the wanted output. The teamwork process might even get funnier. I cannot guarantee that they have a lot of fun in the video, because it’s a video I found on reddit.com. It seems though, that the team loves what they do. The team members use their collected creativity to plan a faster, cheaper and maybe better process to deliver the needed results. I like that way of getting things done in teamwork.