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Get Ahead

Diversity & Inclusion. The two words says it all. Science shows that if you want balanced, innovative and effective teams you need to include diversity and inclusion to get success.
Job listings with gender-neutral wording get 42% more responses. So why not use non-biased language to drive diversity?
We analyze your Job Description and make sure that it attracts a more diverse pool of candidates.

Attract Talent

Technical Skills at the right levels are hard to find. Admitted. But people with the right amount of Soft Skills are even harder to find and attract. 

What you need is people with Soft Skills like Work Ethic, The Right Attitude, Communication Skills, and Emotional Intelligence. These skills added on top of the technical skill set are some of the soft skills that are crucial for career success.

Be Transparent

At NDUNA, everything that we in the Talent Acquisition Process is transparent from Day One. 

We do not have proprietary databases that you can’t access. We don’t have hidden list with top candidates that are just waiting to be contacted by us. 

What we do have, however, is open access to all internal online processes, access as Hiring Managers to all searches and full control of who we will contact on your behalf. 

A New Approach to Recruiting

Our clients say that NDUNA has a new, fresh, transparent, data-driven approach to recruiting that they like.


The recruiting industry has failed

When we ask why our clients hire NDUNA to find talent for their organization, they state that large parts of the recruiting industry have failed to renew their business models.


Flexible, Speedy, Customized Solutions Are Needed

“We are fed up with recruiting companies who present inflexible contract agreements to us. We’ve had enough of the very slow “one-size-fits-all” business model, and we feel cheated when recruiters build relationships with talents leaving us out in the dark. After all, we’re paying the bills.”


Reliable, Fast, Cheap, Transparent, And Data-Driven Recruiting Solutions

Clients want to work with recruiters who deliver reliable, faster, cheaper, more transparent, and not least data-driven recruiting processes leading to hiring the right people for the right job.


Digital Recruiting Process
NDUNA offers a fully digital recruiting process. We don’t have any secret, proprietary databases, we don’t hide how much time we use to find the right candidates, we don’t talk to anybody about any jobs until the clients have approved that we approach a candidate. Our recruiting process is shared with our clients from day one. In fact, we follow the industry standards and best practice recruiting processes to the point.

We Fight for Our Clients

Further, we fight for our clients to find the right talents for you. With 25 years of experience within the field of HR, we know what we do, including respecting our ethics.


We Get the Job Done
As heavyweight trusted advisors to multiple Top 500 Nordic companies, we know our way around in the corporate jungle. We deliver a credible, no bullshit attitude. And we get the job done.


Since 2003, NDUNA has worked as Trusted Advisors to Top 500 Scandinavian Companies. We know the industry we operate in. We know how to find people and attract them to your company.  NDUNA only uses certified assessments and Talent Acquisition processes.

When working with NDUNA you will experience that you get a unprecedented engagement and will to win that will help your business get ahead of your competition

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