How I Recruit

NDUNA offers fully transparent processes for our customers. If you hire us to help you find the right talents for a number f positions, we make sure that we know your company’s core values and business strategy before we start the recruiting process.

NDUNA started recruiting because one of our clients asked us to do it. Up to that point, recruiting was not a part of my business strategy. But one day, the client said: Søren, I’m fed up with expensive, slow, analog thinking head hunters ripping us off. We pay them mountains of money and we don’t have any access to more than the three candidates that they present to us, after 6- 8 weeks of work. If we ask about other candidates that we know of, they say that they can’t touch them for a number of secret reasons. Also, we can’t see who or how many people have been reviewed by the headhunter. Finally, we have to meet them many times in face-to-face meetings taking our time. That’s expensive!  We see many of these meetings as unnecessary. In our daily operation, we use a number of online communication platforms to enable full transparency.  


Our proces

I have adopted the LinkedIn Best Practices Sourcing Process Method. This means that I’m trained in sourcing talent from LinkedIn.  The process also include an early stage first Hogan Assessment indicating how well a candidate’s personality fits with a job family.


job description

We make sure that we present a non-biased job description when presenting the job opportunity to a potential candidate. Further we secure that the job description is kept gender-neutral in its wording.


Hiring manager contract

The hiring manager contract include a written agreement about the vacant position as well as the agreed process on how to demonstrate the your company is a great place to work.  
The hiring manager contract helps sticking to agreements and attention needed by the hiring manager and the recruiter.


LinkedIn searches

LinkedIn the the biggest database of talent on earth (as far as I know). So why not use that instead of building expensive time consuming and secretive ‘head hunter database’ that you as a customer does not have access to?