How to Make a great Resume and How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes When Looking for a New Job

Your resume is more important than you think. You know all about yourself, your education, your skill sets and your results, but hiring managers do not. Hence, you need to put a resume together that explains about yourself and your competencies  to a stranger. This task might be harder to deliver on than you think due to the unconscious bias, we all possess. In order to help applicants Google has published an excellent video on this matter. What you see in the video below is what Google thinks will help most resumes.

Grammarly and Glassdor have partnered up to write and promote a free ebook on how to write a good resume. I’ve reviewed the ebook and find it quite useful. The ebook offers lot’s of professional advice. Why not take advantage of the mountain of experience from two very professional and serious companies? Grammarly is soft selling their online spelling and grammar service (I use the service myself and it’s GREAT!)¬† and Glassdoor soft sells their website services to candidates and organisations.