Management is doing things the right way. Leadership is doing the right things.


Nearly 70% of business leaders agree that culture provides the greatest single source of competitiveness (Bain, 2006).

Organizational culture is a product of what the members over time have been led to believe is the formula for success in the organization. A winning culture is a collective emotionally charged psychological reality that only in-crowds can experience.

Leadership Assessment

We know. You’ve been assessed before. But not by us. We focus on helping you build your career using data.

A Hogan Leadership Forecast Assessment will predict your future success or the lack thereof. With a Hogan Leadership Forecast Assessment in your hand, you can make a detailed plan for how to develop yourself and your career faster. A better compensation package normally follows after some time.


NDUNA is a strong believer in Hackschooling. Hackschooling is an educational method and philosophy that advocates learner-chosen activities as a primary means for learning. Hackschooling is education, like everything else. Hackschooling goes outside the educational establishment to find better ways to accomplish the same goals.

Being open to use a legal hack to find better ways to accomplish the same learning goals for busy managers and leaders is what NDUNA does when we design our Nano-MBA.

Since 2013, NDUNA has offered a Nano-MBA to ambitious leaders who want MBA-like training directed at their daily operations.

NDUNA Nano-MBA is a tested and well-proven hack schooling concept. Hackschooling means that your training is specially designed for your needs to give your personal leadership a solid boost.