“The effect of NDUNA’s team coaching can be measured in millions of US dollars.”

Claus Usen Jensen, EVP, TORM A/S

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MentalGuard Executive Coaching Will Boost Your Career


‘Skills continuing to grow in prominence by 2022 include analytical thinking and innovation as well as active learning and learning strategies.’ This means that if you do have a learning and development strategy ready at hand for yourself, it’s time to get one. In others words, if you do not become a learner for life, you’re risking falling out of the boat named “job market.”  (World Economic Forum: The Future of Jobs Report 2018)

But what is a learning and development strategy – and how can you avoid being left behind if you don’t have such a thing?

How do you avoid getting trapped in the organizational maze where ambitious colleagues equipped with the hottest powerpoint slide deck get all the attention and hence outperform you?

How do you avoid losing out due to a lack of soft skills like political savviness or shortage of listening skills?

You need to accelerate your personal leadership development and get ahead of your competition in the workplace. We all do.

The ones who get going and start learning and developing are the ones that make a difference in the future.

Where do you get new insights and how can you use independent feedback to improve your leadership and business capabilities?


One-on-one coaching helps sharpen your soft skills, set high and achievable goals, stick to your plan and enables you to deliver on your specific personal, professional and organizational goals

MentalGuard Executive Coaching is directed to people wanting to get in mental shape, get ahead and accelerate their Learning and Development Journey.

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