Keep LinkedIn Updated – Why is that important?

NDUNA is transforming from being a one-man-band into a boutique. We’re adding new services to our portfolio. Our customers demanded it!
The main new service is Talent Acquisition. 12 months ago Trackunit asked me to help them search and recruit talented candidates.

The consequence is that 6 months ago it was just me in the company. Now we are two. I’ve hired Sofia Deria to help me search and recruit talents for our clients. That means that I have to update my LinkedIn profile and describe the new situation.

Before the transformation, I said “I” when talking about NDUNA. Now I say “we.” That’s kind of nice.

Here is the new description which I put on LinkedIn.
NDUNA – Executive Advisor to the Chief is an independent management and recruiting consultancy founded in 2003. We source and recruit top talent to help you to win the war for talent. Our experience in finding, attracting, assessing and recruiting talent provides us with a unique ability to partner with you and your company.
NDUNA serves value-based leaders. We co-create paths and strategies charted for sustainable success.