I have participated in 18 months Nano-MBA by NDUNA from 2016 – 2018.
The most important outcomes of the Nano-MBA have been:
  1. Application of an impactful personal management toolbox in my daily work environment
  2. Sparring on vital stakeholder issues leading to significant results by improving my communication and hence stimulation a more productive team collaboration
  3. Significant results achieved through consistent focus on becoming a better leader, not a better manager
Søren is a competent CXO-level executive coach who helps improve your leadership skills by offering concrete and useful management perspectives and tools. He builds his expertise on a hands-on value-based leadership concept that makes sense. His approach fuels your leadership ambitions and helps you to take the right decisions.
The Nano-MBA has produced rapid and significant results for me in my job as a CFO and also at home helping me with a better work/life balance.
If you are a busy and ambitious leader wanting to deliver better results faster, I highly recommend Søren Leth-Nissen and the Nano-MBA.
Thomas Brink Rasmussen



Since 2013, NDUNA has offered a Nano-MBA to ambitious leaders who want MBA-like training directed at their daily operations.

designed for your needs

NDUNA Nano-MBA is a tested and well-proven hack schooling concept. Hackschooling means that your training is specially designed to your needs to give your personal leadership a solid boost.

hands on approach

Our practical hands-on approach improves your performance from day one.  Performance that can be measured in in selected elements like less work, more earnings, more status and/or more happiness. Hackschooling is individually configured leadership training.

Do the right things

The program focuses on your personal management style, leadership growth and motivates you to formulate a productive agenda and subsequently get “the right things” done in your organization.


The advantage is a tailored and effective action learning program based on leadership potential and previous experience.

The Nano-MBA has no formal accreditation and no classroom experience.

Welcome aboard!

Yes, you’ll have to work with a few relevant books, but everything will relate to your workday practice as a leader.

You will get an updated set of management tools, addressing the important issues on your work agenda.

why sign up?

The program is designed for the busy manager who can put in 4 – 6 hours per month.

The Nano-MBA is a result-oriented action learning program boosted by relevant academic input from management books with learning support from your tutor and coach. You’ll go through a comprehensive personal development process and you’ll learn to crack leadership dilemmas. Your

executive coach and mentor will take you through the 18 months program to secure results from day one.

The difference between a manager and a leader is that a manager is focused on doing things right. A leader is focused on doing the right things.

The Nano-MBA will help you do the right things – and help you enable others to do things the right way.

Leadership Potential

You will get to know your true leadership potential: why and when you perform well


You will be able to to adjust your behavior to better performance

Plan development

Know how to plan for your personal leadership development

Upgraded toolbox

You will new tool sand learn to apply your  upgraded management toolbox 

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