I'll take you to your nExt Level

Working with me means that you will grow your career and your results at work. Personal development is a cornerstone in leadership development. So if you want to grow your leadership, you need to grow your personality.

our Services

A trusted advisor is a person who is trusted by its clients. Building trust fast is a core competence for me as an advisor. Either we get along quite fast – or we don’t. If not, we simply stop working together. If we hit it off, we go.

Trust means speed and speed mean competitiveness.

winning culture

A winning culture goes beyond any formal description – ultimately a winning culture is a collective emotionally charged psychological reality that only in-crowds can experience



I know.
You’ve been there. But not with me.
You’ll get a specific, to the point assessment and a detailed plan for how to develop yourself and your career faster. Better compensation package will follow.


Team assessment shows how your team is perceived by your stakeholders. How are your results measured, Your relationship muscle? Your processability, Your innovativeness? Your pragmatism. Get a full picture and a plan.


I have built a powerful network that will help you get in contact with the people helping you fulfill your dream. It is no longer what you know but rather who you know.


A self-propelled sprayer? Simulation-driven product development, or fast prototyping using third-party? It takes courage, drive, and willingness to try new methods and new ways of thinking.

Social Media and mediatraining

Like it or not. Social media are here to stay. You might as well get started learning how to use them to your advantage. Your competition does it already. So why not get some training?

your Process


Let’s take a look at how you do your business today. We’ll make an “as is” description together with key stakeholders. We use anthropological methods to get the data and stories out in the light. Then we make a “to be” scanario and start planning.


We turn information into data that we can use for making a vision for the future. We describe a new winning culture and we involve all relevant parties in the process to secure engagement. We continue until we are all on the same page.


Execution is everything. We test, adapt, test again, adapt and then we go live. Following through on execution applying Key Performance Indicators is essential to keep your team on track making the change a documented success.


Constant adaptation of execution of plans is a driver in itself. Rules are not enouugh – you need to make people engage and commit to core values such as honest reporting and focusing on the problems, not the operators.

Let us help you grow Your career and your business